Are you a Mussel expert? Take our quiz and find out!

Put your knowledge to the test in our Mussel quiz. We’ve got questions on everything from the history, science and health of a mussel, as well as our favourite topic- the Mussel Festival!

Good luck!


Congratulations, you passed! You are a real Mussel festival, and we’d love to see you at the next Portarlington Mussel Festival.

Bad luck, you didn’t pass. You’d better come to the next Portarlington Mussel Festival and brush up on your mussel knowledge.

#1 What year was the first Portarlington Mussel Festival held?

#2 What are the main variety of mussels grown in Portarlington?

#3 What should you do with unopened cooked mussels?

#4 What is the scientific name for the blue mussel?

#5 When is the Portarlington Mussel festival held each year?

#6 When was the Portarlington Pier, now home to about 15 mussel trawlers, built?

#7 Where do around 60% of Australia’s mussels come from?

#8 Approximately how long are mussels cultured in deep waters before reaching maturity?

#9 What is a baby mussel called?

#10 What nutritional qualities do mussels have?